10 Best Electric Scooters For Delivery: (Our Top Rated Picks!)


Best Electric Scooters For Delivery

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In 2022, scooters are undoubtedly one of the trendiest ways to travel. With electric scooters, you can scoot around town or go to and from work without having to deal with traffic. Plus, they’re environmentally-friendly, which is especially important for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Believe it or not, electric scooters were one of the first modes of transportation we reviewed in the Home Appliances Lab. We looked at how many miles each scooter could travel on a charge, how easy they were to operate, and how well they cooled off riders.

After our testing, we ended up with a list of 10 top-rated scooters. But, as testing continued, we found 10 best scooter that stood out from the crowd.

These scooter’s great performance, smooth ride, and ease of use made it our top pick for 2018. So, after rigorous testing, we’ve brought this scooter back to the top of our list. This is our best electric scooter for 2022, according to our experts.

1. Phantomgogo Commuter R1 Electric Scooter For Adults:

The Phantomgogo Commuter R1 is the lightest and easiest-to-use electric moped we’ve ever tested, and it’s the easiest scooter for adults to ride. It’s an excellent option for commuters, and it folds up neatly for transportation.

It has a 60-mile range, which is much farther than any other lightweight scooter we tested, and it can reach a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The scooter comes with a basket to carry a bag or groceries, and it weighs just 37.5 pounds.

The controls are simple and intuitive, and despite being electric, the scooter doesn’t vibrate as much or as loudly as other motorized scooters. The built-in lights are great, and the front and rear reflectors help the scooter stand out at night.

After two short break-in trips, we were zipping around town on this thing like a pro. It’s also very sturdy and capable of handling any type of terrain you throw at it.

2. Razor E100 Kids Ride On 24V Motorized Powered Electric Scooter:

This is a solid little scooter that anyone can ride, but it’s meant for kids who weigh less than 85 pounds (40 kilograms). We wouldn’t recommend riding this scooter with an adult or with a heavier child. It has a fairly good turning radius, making sharp turns relatively easy.

The scooter is decently smooth, but it’s no luxury scooter. It handles bumps well, but it’s not going to slip through narrow gaps when you pump the breaks. The controls are simple, and we liked the large, easy-to-use turn signals.

Features we loved include: It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of non-use, so you’ll never come home to a drained battery. The scooter’s frame is strong enough to support an adult weighing 300 pounds (135 kilograms).

The pedals are located on either side of the driver’s feet, which helps keep children’s feet from moving forward, which can cause accidents.

The scooter takes standard 8-inch pneumatic tires, so you can easily swap out the tires for bigger ones, such as Razor MX312 Razor Dirt Rocket kids’ bike tires for a faster, dirtier ride. The scooter’s handlebars are the right height for children’s hands.

The brake pedal provides an additional safety feature. The scooter is decently priced, but you’ll need to factor in the cost of replacing the battery every 1-2 years.

3. Swagtron SG-5 Swagger 5 Boost Commuter Electric Scooter:

The Swagtron SG-5 is a well-built, powerful, and compact electric scooter that has all the basic features, plus a few extras.

The Swagtron app has some nice features, including a built-in speedometer that tells you when you’re getting too fast and a handy trip tracker that shows you how far you’ve traveled.

The Swagtron SG-5 also has LED lights, which are a nice feature for commuting but less so for riding at night.

The Swagtron SG-5 is also more affordable than some competitors, but that doesn’t make it cheap. It has the same range as its competitors, and it weighs about the same.

The biggest downside to the Swagtron SG-5 is the 6-speed gearing. It’s OK for commuting, but it’s frustrating to ride on hills.

In our tests, the Swagtron SG-5’s top speed was 18 mph, which is adequate for zipping around a small urban environment, but too slow for serious commuting.

The Swagtron SG-5 is also a bit heavier than some other competitors: It’ll still fold up into a briefcase-ish shape, but it weighs about 32 pounds.

The Swagtron SG-5 comes in three colors: black, teal, and white. They are essentially the same scooter, just different colors.

4. VOLPAM SP06 Electric Scooter:

After extensive testing, we’d recommend the VOLPAM SP06 Electric Scooter for the best electric scooter for commuting. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable, and it can go up to 19 miles per hour.

It’s also USB-rechargeable, so you don’t need to plug it in every night, and it can take a relatively long time to fully charge, so you won’t run out of battery before your morning commute if you don’t have time to charge overnight.

At 8.5 inches in diameter, these solid tires are slightly smaller than the 10-inch tires on the Reboard iScooter, our runner-up, but they make a world of difference.

They’re more comfortable to ride on and have fewer dents in the sidewalk. The SP06 also has a double braking and throttle system, which we found was useful for stop-and-go traffic.

It’s beautifully designed, with a smartphone app and battery indicator that makes it easy to keep track of how much power you have left.

Like most electric-powered scooters, the SP06 becomes slower and slower as the battery runs out, and the scooter doesn’t even stop spinning when the battery runs out. Never appropriate for long-distance commuting, but perfect for urban commuting.

5. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter:

The S2 Pro is Hiboy’s premium option for commuter and commuter-style electric scooters. It still has solid, 10-inch tires, but it’s powered by an 18.5-amp motor, which is more powerful than the 18-amp motor on the S3 Pro.

As a result, the S2 Pro was faster to 20 miles an hour, and its top speed of 19 mph was about 2 miles per hour faster than the S3 Pro. The S2 Pro’s top speed was also about the same as the GoGo escooter’s top speed, while the S3 Pro’s top speed is slightly faster.

The S2 Pro is also heavier than the S3 Pro at 52 pounds, but it’s 2.5 pounds lighter than the GoGo escooter.

And, despite the higher top speed, the S2 Pro’s acceleration is slower. The S2 Pro has larger wheels and tires, which are more comfortable on rough surfaces. It also has a built-in seat that is available for an additional fee.

6. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro 24V Electric Scooter:

The pocket mod is a sweet scooter that is perfect for young kids. The scooter is lightweight, easy to ride, and can reach speeds of up to 15 MPH. The scooter can reach about 10 miles on a single charge.

The scooter features a small storage compartment under the seat that is perfect for your wallet, keys, etc. The kickstand can be adjusted and is nice and solid. The scooter is well-made and durable.

My kids have been using their scooters for months and have absolutely loved them. The scooters have held up incredibly well. The handlebars and seat are extremely adjustable, which is perfect for your kids as they grow.

My 6, 7, and 8 year old boys ride the scooters all the time and often ride them outside. Overall, the scooter was worth the money and I highly recommend.

7. Razor Pocket Mod Bellezza Euro-Style Electric Scooter:

The Razor Pocket Mod Bellezza is stylish, fun, zippy, and surprisingly capable. The scooter’s modern design and 16-inch pneumatic tires give it an appealing look that makes it easy to pick up where you left off, even if you don’t remember where you left off, and the high top speed means that you won’t spend all your time creeping along at half speed.

Like a lot of electrics, this is an all-terrain scooter, and thanks to the 16-inch tires, the Pocket Mod can handle a bit of off-roading, but it’s best used on the pavement.

The scooter also has a kickstand for parking and rubber grips that mean you don’t have to wrap your hands around a bar, and the controls are all where you expect them to be the throttle is on the left, while the brake and horn controls are on the right.

The scooter also has a single 36V, 7.5 AH battery, which is removable so it makes for a fairly easy battery swap. A full charge will get you about 30 minutes of ride time, and with it, the scooter gives you a very zippy 16 mph.

It also comes with a kickstand, which makes for a quick and easy way to hang up the bike, which is important for keeping the batteries charged and the motor cool.

Other features include 500 watts of high-torque power with an adjustable chain-driven motor, retractable kickstand, under-seat storage, and 16-inch pneumatic tires.

8. Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter:

The Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter offers plenty of power, speed, and range for a commuter scooter, but it’s heavy (18.5 lbs), and the scooter is quite expensive.

In our tests, the ES4’s 800-W motor was enough to provide speeds up to 19 mph, and it covered about 20 miles on a charge.

Our 180-pound tester had no problem keeping the scooter going at a steady 14 mph, but keep in mind that this is a commuter scooter, not an all-purpose mode of transportation.

We also note that the ES4 boasts a larger 8-inch pneumatic front tire and a 7.5-inch rear solid tire, but both tires are non-pneumatic.

While this setup provides plenty of stability and comfort, it’s not as puncture resistant as our former pick, the Ninebot ES3, which has solid tires on the front and back.

On the plus side, the ES4 is much lighter and easier to maneuver than the ES3. The scooter easily folds into a compact form for storage and transport; the handlebars fold down almost flat.

9. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter:

Segway has gradually been losing ground in the personal transportation market, but it’s making a decent comeback with its latest model, the Ninebot MAX. This scooter has a top speed of 18.6 miles per hour, so you’ll feel pretty peppy zipping down streets or weaving through crowds.

The self-balancing technology does take some getting used to, but once you master it, riding the Ninebot MAX feels surprisingly fluid and natural. It’s more comfortable and stable than our previous top pick, the iON Board, which is almost as good as the Segway Ninebot Air.

It’s stable and comfortable, and it offers a longer battery life (about 3.5 hours in our tests). The MAX’s motor is slightly louder than the Air’s, but that’s the only difference we noticed.

The MAX has a few more bells and whistles than the Air, like cruise control, and it’s also waterproof, with an IPX4 rating, so feel free to use it in the rain or on wet surfaces.

Like our other top pick, the iON Board, the MAX has an app that lets you track your ride, but it costs $14.99, whereas iON Board is free.

10. Razor E200 Electric Scooter:

This electric kick scooter is super fun to ride, and it folds up for easy transport. The 8-inch pneumatic tires are good for riding on rough sidewalks, and the steering is very responsive, so you can maneuver pretty quickly.

The weight limit of 330 pounds might be a little high for aggressive riding, but it’s great for commutes around the neighborhood or to get to home from a bus stop. The charging time takes about an hour, and the scooter folds up for compact storage.

The only drawback is that the main menu for changing the speed, riding mode, etc. is confusing, and you have to wait for the system to reboot after changing settings.

What Are Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular. You probably have seen them around at shopping malls, sports fields, and office buildings. Electric scooters are cheaper, safer, and environmentally friendly than gas-powered scooters.

The Benefits Are Numerous, But Here Are Some Of My Favorites:

They save you money. Electric scooters are cheaper to operate than gas scooters. This makes them a much more economical option.

They are safer. Since there is no gasoline involved when people ride electric-powered scooters, there is no risk of people getting injured.

They are better for the environment. By riding an electric scooter, instead of a motorcycle or gas moped, you are protecting the environment by not emitting harmful gasses into the air.

They increase productivity. Electric scooters are easy-to-use and do not require a lot of training. This makes them a great option for businesses that need to be on the move, like delivery services.

They save space. Electric scooters are compact and fold up. This makes them an ideal choice for people who live in small apartments or condos. You should consider an electric scooter.

How To Pick The Right Scooter For Your Delivery Business?

Best Electric Scooters For Delivery: Before you start looking for scooters, it’s important to consider what type of delivery business you have. If your delivery business is primarily residential, then a larger scooter with longer range and a more powerful motor might be necessary for your delivery business.

If your delivery business is primarily commercial, however, then a smaller scooter with shorter range may be more appropriate.

Electric Scooters Are Not All Created Equal?

Best Electric Scooters For Delivery: Delivery electric scooters could be a great asset for your business if you have a delivery service. They can help you increase your productivity, lower vehicle maintenance, and lower your carbon footprint.

Best Electric Scooters For Delivery: There are several things to consider when purchasing a scooter for your delivery service.

Battery Range:

You want to look for a scooter that can travel at least 40 miles on a single charge. Scooters with less range can cause problems for business owners because they can run out of battery and struggle to complete their routes.


Electric scooters are designed to be lightweight. However, if you’re constantly transporting scooters around, you should look for a scooter that weighs less than 70 pounds.


Most delivery scooters can travel at a top speed of 25 to 30 miles per hour. However, if you’re planning to carry passengers, you should look for a scooter that can travel at a faster speed.

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